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Athiah Ilyana
Latest entry:Aku dan Dirimu
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faha ska
Latest entry:2009
my 2009 random pictures View this Fotopage entry
Muhammad Nazril al Aajily
Latest entry:Reception Faisal - Roslina
These pictures were taken during my cousin's wedding reception at Batu Pahat, Johor last weekend. All pics were not edited, only my signature added. May the couple blessed by Allah s.w.t. View this Fotopage entry
Muhammad Zulhilmi
Latest entry:Edisi Kembali ke FP - Introducing my nephew, 'Aisy Nawfal!
Assalamualaikum semua.. Whoa..dah lame giler aku tak update FP aku ni..Jadi,aku kembali untuk menceriakan suasana. :-D So guys, i would like to introduce to you the new member of the Zainol family, my nephew - 'Aisy Nawfal. These pictures was shot during his birth..few months ago.Baru nak upload ni..heheh. View this Fotopage entry
Ahmad Adlan
Latest entry:Salam Lebaran
Salam Aidilfitri. Its been awhile since the last update. Its another Aidilfitri and here's some of the picture on the first day of Raya. Location: National Mosque, Kuala Lumpur Time: 8 am - 10 am Another picture was taken in my house. Our family portrait and a picture with my cousin. View this Fotopage entry
With PakLang and his family
Kaye Residence
Latest entry:Master Bedroom
Good day everyone! Welcome to Kaye Residence. Feel free to browse through my portfolio. My partner and I specialize in interior decorating and designing services which encompass design ideas, colour co-ordination, material suggestion, furniture selection and layout plans. Designs are solely based on your preferred budget. Our show house in Bangi Heights is open for viewing on Saturdays and Sundays by appointment only. So if you are looking to renovate your house interior or simply re-decora... View this Fotopage entry
Amir Adli
Latest entry:Eidulfitri '08
Tahun ni raya mcm biasa lah, balik Taiping. Mmg tiap2 tahun pun balik Taiping. Mmg Taiping jer kampung yg aku ada. Jadi pendek kata balik Taiping tiap2 kali raya. Tu lah critanya. hahaha... Tp tahun ni buat pertama kalinya setelah berpuluh tahun, aku berhari raya bukan lagi sebagai seorang student. hehehe.. tapi nasib baik aku belum mula kerja, jadi xpayah la bagi duit raya... budak2 ni semua dah mintak2, tp aku kata tahun depan lah. Tahun ni xsemua famly aku balik sbb ade yg berhari raya di umah mert... View this Fotopage entry
Fashran Fauzi Snaptography
Latest entry:A Journey Worth Thousand Memories
Im moving into a new era of my photography marketing (kunun la..) So from now on you guys can trackback my pieces of art at my new fotopages Thanx to all.. View this Fotopage entry
muhammad zulfadhli abd rahman
Latest entry:fireworks at putrajaya by canada
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afif the uchiha UCHIHA
Latest entry:take a walk
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N a de R u l e
Latest entry:Hepi Birthday Mia!
Mia on her 2nd birthday,5 April 09 View this Fotopage entry

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